Embowered in Beauty by Zora Cross

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I am embowered in beauty all the year.
The young, young spring, opening her dewy eyes,
Leaves at my window scents of Paradise
In golden branches that the wattles rear.
Smooth summer wraps me in a mantle dear
Of white gum-blossoms, while pale autumn sighs
Red lead on leaf till all her largesse lies
In such clear spilth of colour as burns here.

And when the wild-haired winter breezes blow,
While yet the green world shudders to the night,
Safe in a nest of warmth I dream flower-sweet;
For in all folds of amethyst and white
The many blossoms that my love set glow
And make a rainbow carpet for my feet.

First published in The Sydney Mail, 29 September 1920

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