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Evening by Zora Cross

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The candid candle spreads her yellow gleams,
   Lighting the pathway of the moving hours,
The willowy stream flows by in pools of dreams,
   The wind swings, hushed, at anchor in the flowers.

First published in The Lone Hand, 1 July 1914

Dusk by Ivy Moore

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Dusk in the garden, and the white rose shining,
   The scent of dewy grass, and peace, serene!
Around that gate sweet honeysuckle twining,
   Moonlight on water, gleaming crystalline.

Dusk in the soul, when life's long day is ending,
   Lighted by faith, a lovely lamp aglow,  
Whilst memories in lavender are blending,
   Fragrance to scent life's soft adagio.

First published in The Sydney Morning Herald, 3 June 1939

Author reference site: Austlit

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