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Plane at Night by Myra Morris

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Suddenly now the sky, that silent place
Has sound --
A single note, unwavering, profound, 
Droning through endless space
And nosing through the hollow wastes of night,
Invisible save for one dim, golden light
That moves among the stars, a star in flight.
A plane goes overhead.

O small, lone thing that flies
Through black illimitable skies
Unshaken by the wind's tumultuous tread,
Knowing your secret end you go 
Steadfastly through the night,
While we who have no final aim in sight,
Stumble in circles down below!

First published in The Sydney Morning Herald, 5 February 1944

Author reference sites: AustlitAustralian Dictionary of Biography

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Flight by Zora Cross

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Boxes of houses littering the land 
And toys of cars dwindling to insect size
Change into coloured ribbons as we rise 
As at the touch of a magician's hand.
Match sticks of trees dissolve at Height's command.  
Fleece cobwebs of clouds clear to glass-like skies, 
The sea becomes Greuse-painted silk that lies   
As motionless as corrugated sand.
Now earth is flat patterned with maps of farms 
Ethereal, crossed threads of roads and snakes  
Of rivers coiled bronze-black round dreamsoft clay. 
The trance-calm silence the thrilled spirit charms  
As nothing stirs save where some great wave breaks    
And like white paper lightly blows away.

First published in The Sydney Morning Herald, 12 January 1952;
and again in the same newspaper on 7 February 1953.

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