The Poet's Garden by Zora Cross

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When in the long lagoons of slumber sink
   The tired flocks of men surrounding me,
On naked feet I walk the lilac brink
   Of my own Memory.

And in an alley of the hanging air
   Dim blossoms of a garden softly swing
Love lyrics, happy odes, and sonnets fair
   Through my Imaginings.

I lean my cheek upon the garden rail
   Tasting the fragrance of that company,
Who through the ferny aisles and angles trail
   White Immortality.

Odorous daisies from far milky meads
   Waft o'er my wall the innocence of Truth,
And from a pool asway with rhyming reeds
   I breathe eternal Youth.

Oh haply, in some velvet noon of night,
   A glimmering hand, flower-full, will soft unclose,
And slipping through the silence, filmy-light,
   Drop on my heart a rose.

First published in The Bulletin, 7 June 1917

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