Over the Edge of the World by Mabel Forrest

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Over the edge of the world
The little stars dance in a silver ring,
And twitch at the beard of the Comet King,
Till he stamps in his rage and pain,
   Then the moon will laugh 
   Till it splits in half.
And becomes a crescent again. 

Over the edge of the world,
How the big bear rolls in the blue and grunts
When the meteors shoot or Orion hunts, 
A faithful watch the Dog Star keeps
   Against theft or loss
   Of the Southern Cross,
While the beautiful Venus sleeps.   

Over the edge of the world,
I would like to take a big jump some day, 
To trundle my hoop through the Milky Way,  
Right into the heart of the sun,
   From his burning bars  
   Snatch the cool, white stars, 
And cuddle them everyone.  

First published in The Australasian, 8 June 1907

Author reference sites: AustlitAustralian Dictionary of Biography

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