Blue Haze by Ruth M. Bedford

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I know what makes that soft blue haze
On summer days --
The fragile veil that hangs between
The hot skies and the fading green,
So magically frail, it seems
All made of dreams.

It is the locusts' piercing song
So sharp, so strong,
That simply tears the air in two,
To little shreds and wisps of blue
That, vaguely floating, make a haze
On summer days.

First published
in The Sydney Morning Herald, 21 February 1925

Author: Ruth Marjory Bedford (1882-1963) was born in Sydney and began writing poetry in her teens.  She was a lifelong friend of fellow poet Dorothea Mackellar, co-authoring two novels with her in the 1910s.  Mainly known as a "children's poet" she published seven collections of her work and wrote several plays.  She died in Sydney in 1963.

Author reference sites: Austlit, Australian Dictionary of Biography

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