February by A. J. Rolfe

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Epigraph: 'Lonely and lovely, a single star/ Lights the air with a dusky glimmer.' (Longfellow)

The air is still, and as the golden Morn
   Starts on her Journey, Nature's flowers fair
Waking from sleep, and fields of waving corn
   In serried ranks, give fragrance to the air.
And e'en as murmuring music slowly swells,
   Then louder peals with overwhelming sound,
Falling as slowly as it rose, and tells
   Of joys and sorrows that our lives surround;
So in the morn, from Zephyr's gentle lips
   Breezes are wafted, till the noonday sun
Scorches the plains: then flaming Phoebus dips
   His fiery plumage, when the day is done.   
And in the twilight from the skies afar
In lordly grandeur shines the Evening Star.

First published in The Queenslander, 20 February 1892;
and later in:
A Sheaf of Sonnets by A. J. Rolfe, 1892

Note: this poem in the second in a sequence of poems that the author wrote about each month of the year.

Author reference sites: Austlit

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