Reprint: Obituary - Henry Halloran

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The death of Mr Henry Halloran, C. M.G., occurred on May 10 at his late residence, Mowbray, Ashfield. As a very old colonist, the name of Mr Halloran has long been familiar in Now South Wales, his frequent contributions to the press, and his readiness on all occasions to use his gifts for the celebration of any event of public interest having won for him a place among the poets of Australia. Mr Halloran was a native of South Africa, having been born in 1811 at Cape Town, where his father was rector of the grammar school and chaplain to the forces. After some residence in England, he came out to this colony, entering the Survey Office in 1827, and continued in the Civil Service for a period of 51 years, when he retired on a pension, having risen to the position of Principal Under-Secretary, in which he was considered to have shown remarkable administrative ability. Mr Halloran was twice married, and has left a numerous family to mourn their loss. The funeral of Mr Henry Halloran, took place on Sunday afternoon, the coffin being placed in the family vault within the burial ground attached to St John's Church, Ashfield. A large number of beautiful wreaths was sent to the late residence, of the deceased, Mowbray, Ashfield, by friends and relations, the floral offerings embracing one from the Colonial Secretary's Department. The funeral was, in accordance with the expressed wish of the deceased, of a simple character. At it there were, in addition to the widow and sons of the deceased, the Hon Sir Henry Parkes, G.C.M.G., M.L.A., Mr. A. C. Budge (Clerk to the Execu tive Council), Mr. E. W. M'Kenny (Assistant Principal Under Secretary), Mr. Harrie Wood (Under-Secretary for Mines), Mr. Thomas Lewis, Mr. John Davidson, Mr. John F. Mann, Mr. Coles, M. G. J. Cohen, Mr .Harry Budge, Mr. MacCabe (of Wollongong), Mr. George Lloyd, Mr. E. Dowling, the Rev. J. H. Craig, and a large number of other friends of the late Mr. Halloran. At St. John's a short choral service was held, and in connection with it the Rev. Dr. Corlette delivered a brief address.

First published in The Sydney Morning Herald, 29 May 1893

[Thanks to the National Library of Australia's newspaper digitisation project for this piece.]

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