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Words Out and About: C.J. Dennis and Toolangi

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Words Out and About: Little Lonsdale Street

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Mural in the food court at the base of the Telstra headquarters, Little Lonsdale Street entrance, Melbourne.

This part of the mural shows a man holding a verse from C.J. Dennis's Sentimental Bloke. I'm not sure if the man to the right is supposed to be a portrait of Dennis as it doesn't look much like him.

The area of this food court is currently undergoing renovation and I'm not sure if this mural will survive. As a result I had to take a photo with my phone, hence the poorish quality.

Words Out and About: New Occupation

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It can be a little hard to see but have a look at the occupation below the proprietor's name.

Damn good kebabs as well.

The Grocer's Apostrophe - "Reserve's"

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And it's not just the apostrophe.  Why use full stops in some places but not in others? 

Number 1 Fiction Bestseller: The Slap by Christos Tsiolkas


It's already hitting the high points. Photo taken: 13.03.2009

Words Out and About - Janette Turner Hospital


Dorrigo National Park, NSW.

["Under the matted canopy the sun becomes furtive, it flickers, it advances by stealth, it hides, it is coy, it sneaks down through the tangle of treetops, creepers, leggy bird's-nest ferns, lianas, orchids, battling its way earthwards through layers of aerial clamour, slithering below ground fungi to breed green yeast. The rainforest smells of seduction and fermentation and death." 1992]

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