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Caricature #15 - "Norman Lindsay" by James Montgomery Flagg

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One of my favourite blogs is "If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger, There'd Be a Whole Lot of Dead Copycats"(even with the rather unnecessary comma in the title).  So it was with some interest that this drawing of Norman Lindsay popped up the other day in their "Friends of Flagg" series which features the work of American artists and illustrator James Montgomery Flagg.

Caricature #14 - "Harold Mercer"

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Caricature #13 - "Norman Lindsay"

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Caricature #12 - "Christopher Brennan" by Lionel Lindsay

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Caricature #11 - "C.J. Dennis" by Hal Gye

C.J. Dennis depicted as Ginger Mick, by Hal Gye.

Caricature #10 - "Henry Lawson" by David Low

Lawson here is showing his three-fingered sign, indicating his request for thruppence for beer.

Caricature #9 - "Hal Gye" by David Low


Caricature #8 - "C.J. Dennis" by Hal Gye


Caricature #7 - "Hugh McCrae" by Will Dyson


Caricatures #6 - C.J. Dennis by David Low

den_hiker.jpg"Den hiking"

Caricatures #5 - "David Low" by Hal Gye


Caricatures #4 - "Henry Lawson" by Will Dyson


Caricatures #3 - "C.J. Dennis" by David Low

den_minstrel.jpg"Den as a minstrel"

Caricatures #2 - "Edward Dyson" by Will Dyson

First published in The Bookfellow, 21 February 1907

Caricatures #1 - "C.J. Dennis" by David Low

low_cjd.jpg"Den in Town"

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