About the Editor

Perry Middlemiss has been maintaining an ever-expanding Australian literature website since 1996, along with a major site devoted to the Booker Prize. He came to reading through comics and his father's science fiction collection, graduating to win a Ditmar Award as Best Australian Fanwriter in 1988, and later to be Chair of the 1999 World Science Fiction Convention held in Melbourne, Australia.

His current major areas of interest include the works of C.J. Dennis and Edward Dyson, Australian writers and poets from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

He has come to the world of weblogs rather late, but is amazed at how similar they are to some of the small fanzines he used to produce in the 1980s.

He really is old enough to know better.

He can be contacted at "perry at middlemiss dot org". So long as you make the necessary symbol substitutions.