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Nita Kibble Literary Award

Following on from the discussion regarding the 2008 Nita Kibble Literary Award featured href=>here over the past few days, I decided it was a good idea to create a Wikipedia page devoted to the award. The trouble is I can't find some of the information. For example, I have no idea who won the award in 2000. And no searching anywhere on the web seems to provide the answer. So I'm throwing it over to you. Any thoughts on who won in 2000? Have I missed anything on the page I've created? I know I must have, I just don't know what.

Location and Literature

I recently received an email from a reader from Holland who travelled to various parts of Australia a year or so ago, and was so taken with the place she wants to read books by Australian writers.

Normally I'd be fine with this sort of request, sending along my usual set of modern Australian novels as a starting point. But in this case, my correspondent was particularly interested in books that were set in, or reflected, the areas she had visited: Brisbane and Queensland, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. And I got to thinking that I don't remember ever coming across a listing of Australian books organised by location. Is anyone aware of such a list?

In reply to the Dutch reader I asked if there were any restrictions on the type of novels she was seeking: modern or historical, genre or literary? And the only indication she gave was that she wasn't overly interested in sf. All other genres were okay, and whether a novel was modern or historical was of little importance. I pointed out that I was reading through a set of Australian classics this year and blogging about it here, and also supplied a few other books she might consider: for Melbourne, Maloney's crime novels, Three Dollars by Elliott Perlman and Helen Garner's books came immediately to mind. That might give her a start, but what else?

Strange Requests

As I maintain a number of web pages devoted to Australian authors and poets over on my main website, from time to time I get a emails asking for information. These are usually ones I cannot answer. If they relate to CJ Dennis I have a good chance of being able to help, and maybe Edward Dyson as well, but struggle when it comes to request of a more specific nature.

Such a request arrived recently from Debbie Mosser, who asks: "Several years ago I read 2 different fiction books that took place in Australia. Could you help me remember the titles? "Two men living alone for years on a deserted shore are joined by a woman determined to make her home there. "


"Survivors of an airline crash move into a cavern in the outback and decide to stay even after a rescue. Any help would be appreciated." I wrote back to say that I had no idea what the novels were but I'm thinking that maybe someone out there can help. Any suggestions?

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