Bethrothed by Zora Cross

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All in the green and golden weather
Young Love and I ran wild together
Happy horns were blowing blithe
Through the leaves and asses lithe,
And down the little dappled trees
Boy Summer shook his melodies.
Oh, the world was good and green,
And the wind blew white and clean.
With bee and bird alive with mirth
Because two sweethearts trod the earth,
Making all the morning sing
With their joyous triumphing.

All in the green and golden weather
Young Love and I knelt grave together
On the mossy rocks and grey,
In the girlhood of the day.
And underneath the magic sun
we pledged two little lives in one.
Oh, our hearts beat brave and high,
Looking upward to the sky.
And I was sure, and you were, too,
As kissing all our bodies through,
Sun and leaf and laughing air
Wed us to each other there.

First published in The Bulletin, 3 October 1918

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