Women's Eyes by Zora Cross

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I like to think Eve's eyes were eyes of blue --
   Two dewy violets as clear as morn --
And garden-wise, girl-shy, she wandered through
   Blue turquoise-tinted Eden azure-born.

Lucretia Borgia's eyes were eyes of black --
   Hate-swift and cold; each wild impassioned glance
Poisoned the very soul as she flung back
   Revenge more cruel than a tyrant's lance.

Gold-headed Helen had soft, dove-grey eyes --
   I will not have them blue though Grecian bright!
The sea, the sky, the happy Summer skies
   Swam in their depths like a far holy light.

I think great Cleopatra's eyes were brown,
   Full, large and strong, and at their queenly glance
The slave bowed down, the king renounced his crown --
   Brown eyes were ever eyes of old romance.

But none had eyes that can compare with these,
   Dancing beneath the fire of golden curl --
Such eyes bring me a captive on my knees
   To you, new Eve, my little baby girl.

First published in The Australian Woman's Mirror, 18 August 1925

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