Shower of Rain by Kathleen Dalziel

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Out came the sun, 
   And sullen morning melted 
To sparkling laughter 
   And bright tears again, 
As from the cloud 
   The shower backward pelted 
A slanting handful 
   Of white splintered rain. 

A flurry of jewels, 
   Star-gold scattered at noon, 
In irised beads 
   And iridescent spears, 
Till earth is a treasure trove 
   Thickly bestrewn 
With sapphire sprays 
   And rounded turquoise tears.
Down the wet hillside 
   Comes the haunting scale 
Of the cuckoo, lost 
   In the magpie's liquid note. 
Pouring soft warblings 
   Through the sun-warmed vale, 
A pain of ecstasy 
   From his golden throat. 

Ere the pearls have slipped 
   From the broad nasturtium leaf, 
And the trees have ceased 
   To drip green diamonds, 
Heaven and earth 
   Are reflected in the brief 
Broken mirrors 
   Of little gathered ponds. 

The winds have shaken 
   The pointed gumtips dry, 
And the sun pours forth 
   His ardent gold again. 
And back to her boundless 
   Coffers of blue the sky 
Has gathered the ransomed 
   Treasury of the rain.

First published in The Bulletin, 13 August 1930

Author reference site: Austlit

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