Meeting by Mabel Forrest

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To-day we met in the street, by chance --
   We whom the years make wise --
And you gave never a backward glance, 
But I saw the swift remembrance
   Light up your sombre eyes.

The west wind blew down the dusty street,
   At the close of a bitter day,  
But a warmth from the past rose up to greet, 
And life for a moment was fair and sweet
   To a woman growing grey.

For I was young when I first knew you,
   We were gay and glad together;
Have you forgotten the river's blue,
Where buttercups in their glory grew
   In the warm October weather?

The old pine ridge, where we used to meet;
   The gleam of the sandy track;    
Then it was you who found love so sweet, 
And yet to-day, in the windy street,
   'Twas I only who looked back.

First published in The Queenslander, 30 August 1905

Author reference sites: AustlitAustralian Dictionary of Biography

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