August by Kathleen Dalziel

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When August sifts the silver rains 
   O'er land and sea, 
By blossom-mantled hills and plains 
   My heart goes free 
Along the Cootamundra's lanes --
   It cannot stay with me. 

It cannot stay with me, so dull 
   The drab days go, 
By ferny ways more wonderful, 
   And gloom and glow. 
It roams where ruffling breezes lull 
   And singing waters flow. 

When winter's laggard legions pass 
   'Neath the hill's brow, 
The roadsides by the green morass 
   Are flowered now With emeralds spangled on the grass 
And pearls strung on the bough. 

And habit binds the weakening thongs 
   That keep me, though 
To realms where beauty's home belongs 
   My heart must go 
Beyond the purple Dandenongs 
   When spring winds gently blow. 

But sweeter far it were to be 
   In windy weather. 
What wonder worlds might we not see 
   Of flower and feather. 
Keeping such goodly company, 
   My heart and I together! 

On mornings when the magpie sings 
   Above the track, 
How sere the seamy side of things, 
   And dull, alack! 
Where, tired of lonely wanderings, 
   My heart comes back.

First published in The Bulletin, 26 August 1926

Author reference site: Austlit

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