August Augury by Zora Cross

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Already her baptismal month is here --
August-heavy with fragrant wattle bloom,
Wooing her softly from the cold green gloom 
Of chill July up bracken tracks austere. 
Shy as a bush-child over gullies drear, 
Timidly now she steps. Earliest bloom
Wakes wondering warm beauty, to relume, 
And hesitating heath-bells half in fear  
At her light touch set trembling ring again. 
Wild violets bud round her bare white feet,  
Frail rosy fern fronds redden ... So comes Spring,
Surely I know, for searching not in vain     
This morn, I found in a mossy retreat 
The first pink orchid palely blossoming.  

First published in The Sydney Morning Herald, 9 August 1938

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