The Lady Jean by Mabel Forrest

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Many a wooer had Lady Jean, 
   Knights and courtiers at beck and call; 
   But cold as the snow was she to all --
A lovely maid with a winsome mien.

One came armed with his money bags --
   "See, I can give you gold, proud Jean!"?  
   The lady laughed, with a sigh between --   
"The gold comes ready; the love tale lags." 

A handsome knight with a haughty face 
   Swaggering into the courtyard came -- 
   "I have the love of a Royal Dame;   
Give me thy maid's love in its place." 

Lady Jean curled a scornful lip --  
   "Go back to thy foolish light-o'-loves;
   What do I care for a heart that roves, 
Tossed on the waves, like a paper ship?"   

At length one spoke with a noble air -- 
   "I ask no guerdon for loving; still 
   My life is yours to make what you will: 
Stain it with evil or paint it fair. 

A peasant dares not to win a Queen."
   Soft answered she -- "You have reached the goal; 
   You have brought me your own immortal soul. 
Can a man do more?" quoth the Lady Jean.

First published in The Queenslander, 26 June 1897

Author reference sites: AustlitAustralian Dictionary of Biography

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