The Ancestress by Mabel Forrest

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I do not know why I dreamed last night 
   Of a woman long since dead, 
Of the sunken eyes in their clear youth light 
   And the pale lips warmly red.

I remember once as a tiny child 
   I played in a panelled room, 
And a lady's face on the dark wall smiled 
   From out of the dusk and gloom. 

The painter had given a painted smile 
   To the lips for a grief disguise; 
But the eyes refuted the artist's guile 
   With the sorrow of living eyes. 

For many a year had her portrait hung 
   On the line of the wainscot wall, 
While the saddest songs of the earth were sung 
   Hers were silent in it all.   

I wonder why I should dream last night 
   Of a woman long years dead. 
Her eyes were clear in the dreamland light, 
   Her lips with their warmth were red. 

I looked long in the crystal glass to-day 
   With eyes too tired for tears, 
And the dead one's lips smiled back at me 
   From out of the buried years.

First published in The Queenslander, 11 June 1898

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