Secret Things by Myra Morris

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Sometimes before the moon has climbed the hill,
   I take a candle in my hand and go
Into a fragrant garden lying still  
   With sleep, and part the leaves and steal with slow
Soft steps, for fear the shy green things should hear
      Me come and my strange presence know,
      And cease their tender blossoming.
Where wave the drowsy, shapeless boughs I creep,
   (Pushing with seeking arms the pulsing air),
And flash my candle where pale lilies sleep.
   But how their naked whiteness shames me there!
I blow the yellow flame in sudden fear,
      A thrill that I all unaware
      Have stumbled on some secret thing.

Sometimes I slip from out the giddy roar
   Of city streets into the mystic gloom 
Of some cathedral, whose mosaic floor
   All flecked with rosy light like the soft bloom
Of sunset, flings the sound of tapping feet
      To vaulted roof; and loud the boom
      Of organ-music gathering
In volume like a swelling wave sings loud,
   And sweeps about me drowning me with cries,
Till past the fluted pillars' rows, a bowed,
   Uncovered head starts up where heavy lies
The dark. I feel unuttered prayers that beat
      The Throne--and veil these straying eyes
      That linger on some secret thing.

Sometimes when night leans waiting in the west,
   And wanton day, disporting ere she goes,
Flings flaming necklets o'er her neck and breast,
   And plucks the petals of the last-born rose,
I halt outside some open cottage door,
      Where twining honeysuckle blows, 
      And hear a lowly mother sing
Unto her sleeping child. I hear a chaunt
   Of deathless love, all wild with brooding fears;
She looks into the years that cannot daunt
   Her faith, though she see naught save salty tears
And pain and strivings vain for him she bore.
      She sings and smiles! I close my ears, 
      That hearken to some secret thing.

First published in The Australasian, 22 June 1918

Author reference sites: AustlitAustralian Dictionary of Biography

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