Retreat by Zora Cross

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This secret, green retreat is mine alone; 
No other mortal knows it. No. Nor can. 
In a dream vale I found it and I plan
To build a castle there and rear a throne.
I'll clear away the tangled weeds o'ergrown. 
Nor ever call to maid or child or man 
Across the distance of that fairy span,
But live there lightly like a leaf, earth-blown.

And good folk, passing, sometimes may hear song 
And sometimes music, elfin strange and rare.
They'll say, "Who holds bright revel in that dell?" 
Then go their way with all the motley throng.
And Love, enthroned, with me the peace shall share,
For it takes two to keep a secret well. 

First published in The Sydney Morning Herald, 20 June 1935

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