The House of Poesy by Zora Cross

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I'd like to dwell with Poesy
   In a small house alone,
Where everything should always be
   Still as a mossy stone.

I'd like a little garden near
   Where I should walk myself
And never even softly hear
   A singing flower-elf.

The young Spring might come visiting
   On noiseless, dewy feet,
And at my gate the morning sing
   Her carol cool and sweet.

Hushed whispers of the blue-robed night
   Perhaps I'd gladly share,
While through her starry valleys white
   The moon moved wise and fair.

But no one else should come at all
   Within my singing gate,
Lest such disturb a leaf's brown fall,
   A flower about to mate.

So could I dwell with Poesy,
   Be glad for evermore --
That's if the gods were kind to me,
   And made Love lie next door.

First published in The Bulletin, 8 May 1924

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