Flowering Eucalypt by Kathleen Dalziel

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Seared and unvarnished
   The plane branches swing,
Summer has tarnished
   The tinsel of spring;

Flaying the brittle,
   And spoiling the bright,
Chasing the little
   Winged seeds out of sight.

But, among shouldering
   Silvers and greys,
The redgum is smouldering,
   Ready to blaze.

Splendid and forthright,
   The conquering one,
Here is his birthright,
   The lodestar, the sun.

Careless of cruel
   Winds avid to scorch,
The beautiful fuel
   But waits for the torch.

Then, bright in that alien
   Tame company
Burns the Australian
   Bonfire tree.

Up runs the scarlet --
   The mad flowering,
No sober varlet
   Is he, but a king.

Colors flung higher
   His crowning proclaim
With bugles of fire,
   And trumpets of flame.

Honey-flies gather
   On every crest;
Even still weather
   Will not let them rest,

But, trembling and stirring
   Without any breeze,
They are rocked by the purring
   Of passionate bees.

While every blue
   Summer day that goes by
Crowns him anew
   In the courts of the sky.

First published in The Bulletin, 11 May 1949

Author reference site: Austlit

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