Something Cried by Myra Morris

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There came a gentle tapping at the door.
   I rose, and in the darkness threw it wide,
The silver rain swept in across the floor --
   But no one stood outside!
There only was a sodden leaf upon there step ...
   But something cried!

I stood, and felt a berth upon my face,
   And called aloud in fear, "Oh, who is there?"
No answer came from the dark garden-place,
   Yet I was still aware
Of someone waiting where there elm-boughs gleamed and bloomed,
   Twisted and bare!

What was it came last night from out the rain?
   Some wondering soul, some tortured spirit-gnome,
Adrift upon the dark, in grief and pain,
   Destined to roam and roam,
Until it found some friendly roo? I like to think
   It was MY home!

First published in The Australian Woman's Mirror, 6 March 1928

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