One of Our Bushmen by Mabel Forrest

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Upon the pages of our time
   Fate wrote with iron pen --     
"The waiting for the women
   And the battle for the men."   

From a lone backblock selection
   Where the gray plain meets the sky,   
A woman sent her only son
   To battle or to die.

He had never seen great cities,
   He had only thought of ships,
But he heard the far-off challenge,  
   And he answered, heart and lips. 

He left the lucerne acre,
   And he left the patch of corn, 
And the creek among the willows
   Where the cattle drink at morn.   

He left the range of mountains,
   And the green scrub's mighty hush   
For the glory of Australia
   And the honour of the bush. 

He marched to martial music
   In a city by the sea,
And he heard the distant echo
   Of the conqueror's melody.

He remembered still the homestead,
   And the yellow sun-dried plain,
And the mother and the sweetheart
   He might never see again.

But the memory of his fathers
   Stirred the fighting blood -- and then 
There was waiting for the women
   And fierce battle for the men!

First published in The Brisbane Courier, 17 March 1900

Author reference sites: AustlitAustralian Dictionary of Biography

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