To a Flirt by Mabel Forrest

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Yes! You have broken a heart; 
   Take it and throw it away, 
Do with it then as you may-- 
Yours will not suffer the smart.

Perhaps you have done it before-- 
   Trifled with one for awhile, 
   Thrown it aside for a smile, 
Stretching your hands out for more.   

Hearts are not found every day, 
   Counterfeits flourish indeed; 
   This in its passion can bleed; 
Genuine! so toss it away. 

But that was an honest man's heart, 
   Worthy some good woman's love, 
   Not to be worn like a glove, 
Petted, and riven apart. 

Deem you he counted the cost-- 
   He, who was wholly a man? 
   Make up to her if you can-- 
The woman who doubly has lost. 

Think of eyes tearful and dim, 
   Searching the mesh of your toils; 
   Think of the lives this sport spoils, 
And the woman who's waiting for him!

First published in The Queenslander, 12 February 1898

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