The Wind by Mabel Forrest

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A trellis carefully planned and painted;
   A guarding wall where a creeper swings;
A palisade where the red beans clamber --
But the wind comes there, for the wind has wings;
   There is no defence it cannot climb over,
For the wind is brave as the boldest lover!

You can fasten the latch of your leaden window,
   You can turn your eyes from the cloud-flecked blue,
But the voice of the hills will find you heeding
   And the wind will rattle the bolt for you!

You may shut your ears to the muffled pleading
   Your heart as a folded bud may make,
But the wind is tossing the flowers together
    And the wind will hustle your hear awake!
There is never a wall they cannot climb over --
A fearless wind and a faithful lover!

First published in The Australian Woman's Mirror, 14 February 1928

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