Slogan for Buyers by C.J. Dennis

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The Prime Minister has called upon every citizen in Australia to help in adjusting the trade balance.

There's a practical test if you'd give of your best
   In the effort to balance the ledger --
If you're willing to aid in adjusting our trade --
   Unless you're a slacker or hedger.
When next in a store you are pondering o'er
   Some purchase, have never a doubt
If it's made in Australia your money stays here;
   If it isn't your money goes out.

Everything that you buy, be it socks or a tie,
   Should help to give work to your brothers;
And 'tis wise to give heed to the family need
   Ere the family wealth goes to others.
Although your heart hankers for needles or anchors,
   There's a thing more important than costs
If it's made in Australia your money is saved;
   If it isn't your money is lost.

In getting and spending, in toil never ending
   Tho' most of our lives may be spent,
'Tis folly complaining we never are gaining
   If gains ever outward are sent.
All the wealth that we win does not even begin
   To give ease, if it goes up the spout.
If you purchase Australian your money stays in;
   If not, all your money goes out.

First published in The Herald, 13 March 1930

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