What's in a Name? by C. J. Dennis

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The advertisement regarding the South Australian welcome to Mrs. Harrison Lee, the temperance advocate, stated that among the speakers would be "T. Price Esq., M.P."

In years agone there carved in stone,
   Quite close to Adelaide,
An honest man of honest birth,
   Who called a spade a spade;
A Laborite -- a Democrat,
   With brain as cool as ice,
A working man in overalls --
  "Plain Mister Thomas Price."

But now there sits immaculate,
   At functions one and all,
The same strong man who wore of late
   The mason's overall;
And when they looked a speaker out
   To welcome Mrs. Lee,
Instead of Tommy Price they got,
   "T. Price, Esquire, M.P.".

First published in The Critic, 3 January 1906

Note: Thomas (Tom) Price (1852-1909) was elected to the Lower House of the South Australian Parliament in 1893, and was Premier of South Australia from 1905 until his death in 1909. 

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