December by Zora Cross

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Unceremoniously heeling Spring,
Over the creek and up the mountainside,
Soft, snowy flocks of flannel flowers outstride 
Grevillea and heath. Shrill crickets sing 
Summer's blithe diapason, and birds wing
The sky in full-fledged confidence of pride.
While gaunt gum trees, bud by bud multiplied, 
Cream into tumultuous blossoming.

Gallant December takes the bush by storm, 
Darting hot-foot between the underbrush
In ti-tree white. Pink-tipped, the air foretells, 
Far off, how swiftly other blossoms form. . . 
Suddenly hills and glens and ridges blush
Crimson with Christmas bush and Christmas bells.

First published in The Sydney Morning Herald, 7 December 1937

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