Morning Glory by Kathleen Dalziel

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The rambling morning-glory curled
   Her clasping tendrils through
Rubble and refuse, till the world
   Was all Madonna-blue --

Was all blue cloud and cluster, born
   Of weeds in ways remote;
Each blossom trumpet was a horn
   That blew a fairy note.

A fantasy of leaf and flower,
   So deftly, I descried,
All suddenly, the sober hour
   With beauty deified.

And, seeing that flare of flower and spray
   The barren earth adorning,
My heart forgot its winter day,
   And blossomed with the morning.

And dreams, disjointed and askew,
   Conformed to newer grace,
Where the morning-glory's myriads grew
   About the commonplace.

Her rambling banners all unfurled,
   Her armies marching through
Old desolations, till the world
   Was all Madonna-blue.

First published in The Sydney Morning Herald, 6 June 1931

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