Splendid Isolation

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Text Publishing is re-issuing Patrick White's novel, Happy Valley, sometime later this year.  It will be the first time in 70 years it has seen a new edition.  Copies of the first edition are reputedly going for $10,000.

Margo Lanagan has been a tad busy with Writers' Festivals this year and is now looking forward to spending some time just contemplating her own writing.  Between further literary commitments of course.

Susan Johnson has figured out how to link to PDF files from her blog, and has now linked to a recent piece of journalism she wrote regarding her latest novel, and the question of how much of your own life you should plunder for your fiction.  I thought along those lines once until I figured out I just didn't have a life worth plundering.

After "... twelve years of careful writing, revising, deleting, setting random pages of my manuscript on fire during intermittent moments of neurosis and depression, contending with the third-degree burns that came from manuscript conflagrations..." etc etc, Edward Champion has finally finished his memoir.  It's, well, rather short.  But does, as he implies, have a sense of proportion.

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