Poem: Catherine Helen Spence Centenary. October. 31, 1925 by Ellie Wemyss

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Caring for others all your busy life,
Always within your heart eternal spring!
Truth more to you than petty party strife,
Helping by service every livinge thing;   
Ever humanity, no self-love there,
Reverence for every individual soul.
In all you saw a father's tender care.   
No heart too stained to help, uplift, make whole;
Ever was brotherhood your aim and goal.

Hail! "Grand old woman" of our hemisphere!
Energy ceaseless fired your mind and heart,
Love, your unfailing strength, brave friend sincere,
Earnest in all you did, with truth your art,
Noble, and happy soul, still play your part.

Speed on, great spirit, heaven is your home.
Progress your watchword ever, there as here,
Eternal youth, with greater things to come
Now gives you wider scope in higher sphere.
Comrade, inspire us still, your spirit near,
Ever you live in love, for ever dear. 

First published in The Register, 2 November 1925

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