Poem: C. J. Brennan by T. Inglis Moore

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Here in the kindly earth is laid away
   Him whom we loved, the spirit Titan-large,
With thoughts that strained within the bounded clay
   To infinites beyond earth's hidden marge:

Hostage of sadness, mighty soul confined
   In oubliettes of gloom and pain apart,
Till death's last ransom freed the restless mind
   And stilled the passion of that fiery heart.

No more shall he return, trembling, from tryst
   With Beauty, held remote from the world's throng,
And from her fervent lips divinely kist
   Draw forth his syllables of timeless song.

To him her lucid loveliness she hated
   In forest dells and legended romance,
So that he wandered all his days, ensnared
   By questing dreams, illumed with mystic trance.

His spirit, like a mountain high, august,
   Clove with its sharp desires the sky's blue rim,
And sombre crags of wisdom strong out-thrust
   Above the depths with light's excess grown dim.

The sun's white arrows pierce the serried trees,
   And splintered fall athwart the mauve-splashed boles
To mingle with dark-frondaged mysteries,
   The shine and shadow of his changing souls.

There far below the abyss, runnels plash
   In rippling melodies, and waterfalls
Flute rondos of delight, till drowned by clash
   Of thunder echoing from the mountain walls.

With night come chants of doom, while demon bands
   Hold cloudy revel under red-eyed Mars;
But still inviolate the mountain stands
   With head enskied, crowned with unconquered stars.

First published in The Bulletin, 12 October 1932

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