2010 CAL Scribe Fiction Prize Winner

The winner of the 2010 CAL Scribe Fiction Prize has been announced.  The winner was Maris Morton, who, in her 70s, is being compared to Mary Wesley who also published her first novel in her eighth decade.

You might recall the shortlist was announced in December for a prize that is for unpublished manuscripts for writers over 35.  George Dunford and I decided that it should be called "the wrinkly".


I think that's pretty exciting reading a first novel from a 70ish year old. The stories they could tell is pretty amazing and I think it's a little sad that the higher end of the age group is under represented. Those who can best teach us about life are those who have lived and survived it.

Oh, yes, I can only agree. While not into my 70s yet, I am definitely well past the lower end cut-off point for this prize.

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