Love and Desire by Myra Morris

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Two women come nightly into my dreams.
   One twines her ghost-pale fingers in my hair
   And spills upon by breast -- soft breathing there --
Strange scents that have the tang of shrouded streams.
And she who in the blanching moonlight-beams
   Draws night and whispers me (Ah sweet! So fair
   Is she with rose-red mouth!), singe me the rare
Most charmed, illicit fragments of her themes.

But when I would of fettering dreams be free
   And spurn the cramping pillow, nothing loath
To clasp each close, and call her soft by name --
   Not witching Love, nor pale Desire I see! --
But on the wall the sinister shades of both
   Merged in the one hag-snap of blear-eyed Shame!

First published in The Triad, 10 January 1920 

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