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Each year I get to this point and think I've just about done all I can with this blog and its rationale.  The first two years were a bit of a mish-mash but gave a good coverage of various Australian poets.  This past year, 2013, has concentrated on C.J. Dennis and, while some of the poems reprinted have been a bit ropey it did succeed in showing all sides of that poet - I hope.

So I've decided to follow that approach again in 2014 with the variation this year being that I will concentrate on four different poets, all women and all, in my mind, sadly neglected.  The four poets in question will be: Zora Cross (1890-1964), Mabel Forrest (1872-1935), Myra Morris (1893-1966) and Kathleen Dalziel (1881-1969).

I had hoped to confine the scope of the selections to two or maybe three of these but kept running into the odd day or two for which I couldn't find anything to reprint so I expanded things a little and came to the conclusion that four poets was a happy compromise.

This coming year, 2014, will most probably be this blog's last though I seem to have that view every year.  I have a bit of a soft spot for the works of Edward Dyson and W.T. Goodge which might extend this blog for another year - we'll see. In the meantime time I hope you enjoy the poems I've found and will reprint here.

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