The Cop and the Comet by C.J. Dennis

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A Bendigo policeman is said to have discovered a new comet in the southern sky. His claim has been supported by other observers.

On Sunday morn, yer 'anner, while proceedin' on me beat
   In proper execution of me jooty,
I observed defendant comet from me station in the street
   Sez I, "Yer loiterin' wid intint, me beauty."
He was actin' in a manner
   Most suspicious-like an' sly,
An' I sez to him, yer 'anner,
   "Move on, now! Git off that sky!"
But he failed to leave the premises, an' acted in a way
Like he'd designs upon the milk along the Milky Way.

So I went to get a ladder for to apprehend accused;
   But when I returned, he'd vanished with the night.
An' he might have been a burglar or he might have been just boozed;
   But his conduck, to my thinkin', wasn't right.
An' (whisper just between us)
   He frequents celeschil bars
Wid a shady piece named Venus
   An' convicted felon, Mars.
So I'd ask you to convict him in his absence, if 'tis right;
An' I'll try to apprehend him whin he comes tomorra night.

First published in The Herald, 6 December 1927

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