The Censor by C.J. Dennis

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A great deal of criticism is being hurled just now at the talking picture censors both here and in England.                                                       

The Fanciful 

We picture the fellow all jaundiced and yellow, 
   A long and inquisitive nose -- 
A Stiggins in short of the rabidest sort 
   With a prudish Pecksniffian pose; 
And he wriggles and squirms at the mildest of terms 
   And faints at the partially nude, 
A purist, a preacher, a Sunday-school teacher, 
   Who looks upon kissing as rude. 
He's a blurb, he's a snob, who is yearning to rob 
   The earnest producer and mangle the job. 

The Real 

As a matter of fact both in word and in act 
   He is probably what we esteem; 
A man of broad views, which he doesn't confuse 
   With licence where sex is the theme. 
With a normal sane mind of the healthier kind, 
   Mild-mannered, but nobody's fool. 
He is not to be gulled or his commonsense dulled 
   By the blurb of the decadent school. 
In short he's the sort that the normal support, 
   And, privately, probably quite a good sort.

First published in The Herald, 4 December 1929

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