Dilemma by C.J. Dennis

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I do not think I'd care to be a judge,
   And deeply ponder
Whether I should stand "pat" and never budge,
   Or, mayhap, wander,
From old pronouncements, if I deemed the course
   To be expedient,
In that it might some fractious Union force
   To turn obedient.

While the fight raged and argument grew hot
   With sharp divisions,
Should I with opportunists cast my lot
   Or with precisions?
Should I uphold the prestige of my Court
   Nor yield a tittle,
Or, seeking peace, decide to be a sport
   And, hedge a little?

Should I be firm, dispensing law without
Or should I, rather, torn by vexing doubt,
   Make stipulation?
Were I a judge, Hamlet might bother me
   With vague suggestion:
To be Beeby, or not to be Beeby --
   That is the question.

First published in The Herald, 8 December 1927

Note: the "Beeby" of the last verse is Sir Joseph Stevenson Beeby (1869-1942), a judge on the Commonwealth Court of Conciliation and Arbitration at the time.

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