Waiting by C.J. Dennis

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Oh, how I love the fine old chap
   Who sits upon my left at meals,
And drops his cabbage, in my lap
   From swooping fork, while he reveals
How he, at Hay, in '83,
Gave Hamlet's grand so-lil-o-quee.

He slops his supper beer o' nights,
   Or fills my dexter ear with stout,
While strenuously he recites,
   And hurls his lanky limbs about,
To prove that every modern cuss
Has missed the true Polonius.

His oysters down my back he'll throw,
   Or freely spray me with his soup,
When suddenly inspired to show
   How savage Ingomar should whoop,
Or illustrate the proper scream
With which to finish "Denver's Dream."

He throws his turnips everywhere;
   With breakfast-tea he scalds my legs;
I've spuds and carrots in my hair;
   And oft he's smitten me with eggs.
If e'er he shows, with humor grim
I'll throw these things all back at him.

First published in The Bulletin, 9 November 1911

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