Mateship - Australia's Creed by C.J. Dennis

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In a speech denouncing the seaman's strike, which threatens to throw thousands out of employment, the Prime Minister said, "One of the first principles of mateship is to stand behind a sick man and assist him, and the first principle of Unionism is the principle of mateship."

Oh, a mate was a mate in the olden days
   When mateship was a creed,
And a good man sought unselfish ways
   To serve a brother's need.
Out on the track, thro'out the land
   True mates stood ever by,
With a cheery word and a helping hand,
   That mateship should not die.

But now, where mean self-seeking looms,
   And newer councils hold,
By tricks and schemes in council rooms
   Men's faith is bought and sold.
A hundred by false catchwords swayed
   Shall prate of brotherhood,
Yet see ten thousand mates betrayed
   And deem the treason good.

For mateship grows a bitter thing
   That has its roots in hate,
Where bitter foreign phrases ring
   To sunder mate form mate.
Foul doctrines hatched in foreign schools,
   Preached in Australia's name
By one knave to a thousand fools,
   Have brought our creed to shame.

First published in The Herald, 24 October 1931 

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