The Scribe's Lament by C.J. Dennis

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I slave long hours in solitude,
   And scribble in my inky den;
From fat M.P. to actor-dude,
   I've made folk famous by my pen.
Pork butchers I've immortalized,
   Praised drapers for posterity,
Discovered virtues, faults disguised,
   But -- no one ever writes of me.

I've puffed important nobodies,
   I've flattered flats in anecdote;
With puff par. and biographies
   I've buttered folks of little note;
I've interviewed fat aldermen,
   And covered pugs with flattery,
Made reputation with my pen;
   But -- no one ever writes of me.


Yet when I view the quaint array
   I've marshalled for the world to see,
I am not filled with blank dismay
   That no one ever writes of me. 

First published in The Gadfly, 26 September 1906

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