Deprivation by C.J. Dennis

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In New Zealand, as a result of the 25 per cent. tax on the profits of foreign films, American corporations are threatening to stop the sale of their films in the Dominion. Such a reprisal is unthinkable in Australia!

The mind is staggered at the thought:
   This strong-arm stuff fills us with fright,
To think one day we may be brought
   To such a pass. Think of a night --
A Melbourne night, without the joy
Of he-men howling "Atta boy!"

What would a winter evening be
   That did not feed the thoughtful crowd
With amplified cacophony,
   Pouring from palaces, while loud
The splendid sweetie chorus rose
To greet the back stage beauty pose?

Don't rob us of our two-gun fights,
   Our nasal toughs, our baby gal,
Where those "stoopendous" sounds and sights,
   And humor, are mechanical,
And guaranteed as sure enough
One million dollar super-stuff.

Don't rob us of the pleasant dope,
   For sluggish minds we scorn to guide.
Why should the brain thro' problems grope,
   If eye and ear be satisfied?
A fearful threat! Don't think of it,
Lest, in our weakness, we submit.

First published in The Herald, 1 September 1930

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