The Silent Test by C.J. Dennis

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(With apologies to Kipling)

The English cricketer, Hobbs, has suggested that, in view of England's changed opinion on body-line, Australia should reciprocate with a move to suppress barracking.

"What's happening on this ground today?" asked one who never read.
"A cricket match, a cricket match," the old gatekeeper said.
"It seems a very tame affair," said he who never read.
"It ain't so tame as wot you think," the old gatekeeper said.
"'Tis a match between Australia an' old England's very best
Such as you never seen before. This is the new-style Test
For the body-line is done with, an' the barracker's at rest,
An' they're playin' all like gentlemen this mornin'."

"I hear no call, I hear no cry," said he who never read.
"You never will; you never will," the old gatekeeper said.
"But, hang it, man! What's wrong with 'em?" cried he who never read.
"Please speak a little quieter," the old gatekeeper said.
"For we've gas-masks in the Outer, and we've gagged 'em in the stand,
An' even in the members' part they speaks behind the hand.
An' you got to speak in whispers now that body-line is banned;
For they're playin' all like gentlemen this mornin'."

First published in The Herald, 2 August 1933

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