Forest Sanctuary by C.J. Dennis

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Seek you sorely, for a space,
   Respite from the world's dull fretting?
Come then to a secret place --
   Man's entanglements forgetting --
Deep within the forest dreaming.
   Deep within its shadows cool,
Where the mountain waters streaming
Broaden to the placid beaming
         Of a quiet pool.

Making here a great green tent,
   Ti-tree bough and wattle bending --
As strong lovers' arms are bent
   Shielding beauty -- droop, defending
This green sanctuary sleeping
   In its soft green twilit day;
And a scrap of bright sky peeping
Thro' the tall trees, sentry keeping,
         Seems a world away.

Rage the tempest as it may
   O'er the tree-tops, writhing, broiling;
Burn as may the burning day,
   Frailer loveliness despoiling;
Summer's scorn and Winter's bluster
   Seeks in vain this hallowed spot
Lending its translucent lustre
To the nodding ferns that cluster
         Many a mossy grot.

Steeply slope the banks above,
   All the outer turmoil muting;
Softly, bush birds' sings of love
   Match an organ's mellow fluting.
Here is peace past all conceiving
   In this forest chance, here
Spreads a grace that transmutes grieving
To hushed wonder, to believing
         God is very near. 

First published in The Herald, 22 August 1933

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