"After All--" by C.J. Dennis

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"No nation in the world is readier than the Australian nation to respond to an appeal to its patriotism." -- The London "Times," commenting on the Australian Loan Conversion plan.

We have grinned 'neath the weight of 
   And groaned 'neath the strictures and blame, 
But when critics have done criticising 
   They own we like playing the game. 
We are prone to extravagant follies, 
   But, just on the edge of a fall, 
We are apt to awake to the danger, 
   And country comes first, after all. 

We are reckless, mayhap, in our living, 
   And slow to awaken to fear; 
But when we do wake and seek action 
   These praises are pleasant, to hear. 
She has watched more in sorrow than anger 
   Our waywardness ride for a fall; 
But old Motherland now recognises 
   We're not such bad boys, after all. 

We are young, we are robust, and ardent, 
   And optimists right to the end; 
Dull caution was never our watchword, 
   Timidity never our friend. 
But with the hard facts set before us, 
   We've sound common sense at our call; 
And, if wisdom be deemed patriotic, 
   We merit the praise, after all.

First published in The Herald, 8 August 1931;
and later in
The Advertiser and Register, 13 August 1931;
The Chronicle, 20 August 1931; and
The Border Watch, 3 November 1931.

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