The Aftermath by C.J. Dennis

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We've had our glimpse of Royalty; we've seen our future King.
I don't know what the welkin is, but, faith, we've made it ring.
The flags are down, the lights are out; Bill Backblox and his wife
Have left us.  Then to work again -- the same old hum-drum life.

               THE CATERER.

They say that ev'ry camine has his day some time or other.
I've had a rippin' week of it, and wouldn't mind another.
This visit of the Duke's has put a nice bit in my way.
And I wouldn't care a hang if Dukes came round here ev'ry day.

              THE UNEMPLOYED.

For six long months I looked fer work, an' cussed the 'ole creation,
An' got a job at last upon a bloomin' decoration.
I've earned an honest bob, an' you kin bet I'm feelin' loy'l.
I barracks fer the blessed Dook, becos 'e found me toil.

               THE FESTIVE ONE.

Yes, please; a soda straight, miss.  Make it cool and make it long;
My recent burst of loyalty has been a trifle strong.
I'm feeling rather chippy, hardly quite the proper thing,
For I haven't seen such gladness since the night of Mafeking.

              WAYBACK BILL.

Oh, yes; I've seen the Jook, an' 'ad a dickens of a time.
The flags an' things was lovely, an' the feeds I 'ad was prime.
I've done a bit of cash in, but it might 'ave 'appened worse,
Tho' I lost me brown portmanteau, an' a fellers got me purse.

               THE DUKE.

Heigh-ho! that's one more finished: I shall soon be through them all.
They're nice, but even strings of flags and councillors will pall.
Quite a decent lot of people, but I wasn't built to roam.
There's only one more place to do, then through the Cape for home.

First published in The Critic, 20 July 1901

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