Roads to Romance by C.J. Dennis

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The following Victorian place-names are all mentioned in the various roads and bridges reports of the Victorian Country Roads Board.

When I next take a country tour
   By rustic hill and valley,
My way I'll seek by Fat Cow Creek
   Or round by Pretty Sally.
To Break-o-day, that leads to Yea,
   Or Whalebone Creek I'll journey,
Or inch by inch up Devil's Pinch
   Seek pleasant roads and ferny.

The distant view by Cockatoo
   No bill-board here shall sully;
Or I may go by old Blind Joe
   Or down to Dead Horse Gully.
By many a mile to Wait-a-While
   I'll wend, if here may car go,
Or double back Insolvent's Track
   That struggles down from Dargo.

Thro' byways strange on Fainting Range,
   To Turnback may I well go;
By vistas green at Seldom-Seen,
   Past many a Devil's Elbow.
Or I may jog by Haden's Bog,
   And on to Flash Camp follow,
To risk a fall at Bust-me-gall
   And end in Dirty Hollow.

First published in The Herald, 7 July 1932

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